Waikiki is a famous destination for everyone who loves the beach. It is a place blessed with the magic provided by the south sea. It is a small area of Honolulu which is famous to everyone specially on the holidays and is the heart of Honolulu and maybe due to its popularity, of all the islands of Hawaii. Even if Waikiki is a small part of Hawaii, there are many attractions that it offers besides the vast beach shores. Here are some places you definitely need to check! 

  1. Waikiki Beaches

Before we jump into other places Waikiki has to offer, we should definitely talk about the reason why it has become so popular to many. The vast shore of Waikiki is made of many beach resorts that offer almost any sport and a good spot for swimming. Some beaches that you need to check include the dangerous high waves of Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park, made specially for those who loves to have an extra thrill, Kahala Beach where a famous hotel named The Kahala Hotel and Resort is also located, Wailupe Beach Park and of course, Kaalawai as well.  

  1. Kapiolani Park and Queen Kapiolani Garden

Kapiolani Park is a park that is famous for its history. King Kalakua’s wife dies and he named the park after his wife. This park also the oldest park made for the public in all of Honolulu and is loved by many of its visitors. It is specially known to families because it contains attractions that linked families together and has a zoo and aquarium that kids love. However, the adults adore the Queen Kapiolani Garden more because it houses very astonishing flowers. The plants in this garden are from Hawaii and some even include plants from all over the world and includes species that are only found in Hawaii.  

  1. Diamond Head Crater

This crater is actually an extinct volcano that is found on the end of the east part of Waikiki and is very symbolic to the city. If you are on shore, you can only see a small profile of the carter however if you want to be stunned by the full view of the crater, you can always go to the Diamond Head State Monument. This is where you can visit the crater itself. It also has a trail relevant for those who want a bit more cardio intertwined with their adventure and through this trail, you can go to a where you can view all of Waikiki.  

  1. Surfing

Your Hawaii adventure won’t be complete without stepping on a surfboard. Waikiki has bays that are protected to make sure it is a place safe for surfing as well as the sea’s ecosystem. Waikiki is especially good for those who are just beginning to surf. Throughout Waikiki, you can find various shops that offer renting of surf boards. Professional surfers are also found on every nook of Waikiki and are people who are willing to teach those who want to learn to surf.  

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